About Allander Analytics

Who are we and what do we do?

Who Are Allander Analytics?

Allander Analytics is a software company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We were founded in the summer of 2017 after conversations with experts in the building controls sector quickly lead to us identifying several limitations with the software and tools currently available to energy professionals.

What Limitations Have We Found In Current Software?

While there appear to be several software packages available to address specific areas in Building Energy Analysis. The majority of solutions are now outdated, unreliable and built on old, and in many cases unsupported software frameworks. This results in applications with slow performance and poor integration with modern hardware.

In most cases, these applications have been put together by energy experts which is certainly a good thing. However, this typically results in a product that gets the job done but can be awkward to use, is riddled with bugs and is essentially just a tool an energy manager has put together to make their life easier. Their application has then gone on to be shared amongst other energy managers throughout the years to the point it just becomes the standard.

What this means, is that the majority of energy managers in the UK are stuck using a “Frankenstein” tool kit of unsupported, outdated and buggy software. In many cases these tools and a basic understanding of excel are the entire basis for understanding the energy usage throughout large estates. In many cases, these estates are consuming hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of energy each year.

This analysis has lead us at Allander Analytics to believe there is a great need for a single modern software solution that takes all of the tools energy managers currently depend on. And create a platform that is accessible, can grow over time and most importantly, can identify where real energy savings can be made.

About Our Energy Analytics Software – Building Book

Building Book is a modern, fully scalable, easy to use, cloud-based ‘software as a service’ project we’ve created to give energy managers a fully featured platform to analyse and understand their buildings.

We’ve built every feature of Building Book from the ground up to take advantage of the most modern software frameworks that let us squeeze every last bit of performance out of our products. This results in software that’s fast, easy to use and best of all, is constantly updated to bring in new features and performance improvements.

We’re extremely active in our community and we work closely with our users to ensure the changes and additions to our software that take priority are what our users need most. This means, as a Building Book user, you can be in control of how our software grows over time.

As Building Book is a cloud-based application, our software runs exclusively and securely on your browser. Software updates are seamless, with no downloading required. Whenever we add new features, you’ll have instant access. Likewise, when you suggest great new features that you think will improve Building Book, you’re not only helping yourself, but our entire user base and the entire industry!

What other software do you offer?

Our primary focus from our inception has been on developing our energy management platform, Building Book.

Our goal has always been to create specialist energy analysis software that can quickly and effectively analyse large energy datasets of building energy data. We can then inform our users of any potential energy-saving opportunities, and identify anomalies in their energy consumption?

However, as Building Book has grown, we’ve developed several services and APIs that we will eventually make available to others. An important part of Allander Analytics’ vision has always been to make building energy analysis more accessible and to improve the industry as a whole. Many of the services we’ve developed to improve Building Book can be opened up to allow other applications access to our data.

For example, Degree Days are a huge part of Building energy analysis, they allow us to calculate the weather signature of a building and estimate how much of a building’s energy load can be attributed to external air temperature.

To allow us to do this we’ve mapped billions of hours worth of weather data across every postal district in the UK. We can use this data to quickly calculate degree days to then be used in calculations across all of our applications. As we feel this data could be useful to others, we’ve put together a useful web application to calculate degree days that anyone can access. Visit degreedays.io to try out our degree day calculator right now.

Over time, we plan on opening up more of our services for others to use outside of Building Book. We’ll release certain products both as standalone web applications for general users, and APIs for developers to hook into.

When will you be releasing Building Book?

At the moment, Building Book is currently at an invite-only stage where we trialing the system with a select few energy managers while we finish off ironing out the last of the bugs. So far, the feedback we’ve had is excellent. Which is why we’re now at the stage where we can open up the system to more users.

If you’d like access to Building Book to try it for yourself, you can contact us using our contact page. We’ll then be able to arrange a walkthrough of the system and create you an account to try it out yourself.

How can I find out more?

To keep up to date with Allander Analytics, Building Book and our other products and services, you can follow us on LinkedIn and keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be releasing regular updates going forward, and we’ll be updating the site with our development road-map to show some of the exciting features we’re working on right now, and will be adding in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding Building Book, you can contact us here, send us an email at info@allanderanalytics.co.uk or send us a message on LinkedIn.

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