World Green Building Week 2020

This week is World Green Building Week (21st – 25th September 2020). It is the World Green Building Council’s annual campaign that empowers the delivery of greener buildings.   

What is a green building?  

A green building is a building that reduces negative impacts on the environment. This can be achieved in a building’s design, operation, or construction. Any type of building can be a green building; both commercial and residential. There are several different ways to make a building green which include: 

  • Efficient use of water and other resources 
  • Optimising energy usage  
  • Adopting renewable energy  
  • Using ethical and sustainable materials in construction  
  • Considering high quality occupant satisfaction 
  • A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment 

What is World Green Building Week? 

It is the World Green Building Council’s annual campaign that is empowering everyone to deliver greener buildings. They are asking people this year to #ActOnClimate and calling on the building sector, policymakers, and governments to take urgent action to deliver net zero buildings.   

This year the campaign is focusing on three elements:  

  • Creating sustainable communities  
  • Helping the planet by prioritising net zero buildings  
  • Helping economies with new and existing net zero buildings stimulate innovation, activating supply chains and create jobs 

As well as hosting virtual events across the five days, there will be talks, showcases and workshops from business leaders.  For more information on World Green Building Week, watch the video below or go to on how to get involved!