Turning Green Buildings into Smart Ones

In honour of World Green Building Week 2020, this week’s blog post will focus on turning Green Buildings into Smart Buildings and the relationship between them. Green Buildings and Smart Buildings have much in common. A new energy eco system is emerging that connects Green buildings to a Smart grid and is helping to optimise energy flow.

What are Green Buildings missing?

The way Green Buildings are designed, intelligent buildings equipment and systems are not always accounted for. However, some of the barriers of transforming a Green Building into a Smart Building include:

  • Actual and perceived first cost
  • Lack of political support or incentives
  • Affordability
  • Lack of public awareness
  • Lack of market demand.

There is also a high chance of technological illiteracy amongst designer, contractors and occupants which can hinder the development of Green Buildings in Smart Buildings,

There are four different building types:

  • Connected buildings
  • Conventional buildings
  • Smart Buildings
  • Green Buildings

The main difference is that green buildings focus on resource efficiency and building performance while Smart Buildings are about construction and operational efficiencies and enhanced management and occupant functions. However, integrating a building’s technology systems and constructing a building that ticks the boxes for sustainability are moving towards a very similar goal.  This goal is to deliver financial and conservation benefits of this new optimised energy management.

To conclude

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