Future of Green Buildings

Our blog post this week will centre around what the future may hold for the construction and operation of  “Green” Buildings. The future of these buildings is full of opportunities and will be strongly influenced by the advances in technology that occur in the next decade.

What does the future hold?

Some of the main things that might shape the future of this industry include:

  • An increase in demand for buildings to be “green”
  • Advancements in construction materials and processes
  • Advances such as air filtering materials to make our indoor and outdoor environments healthier
  • Changes in design and construction aiming to achieve net zero

A greater focus on the construction of green buildings will have numerous improvements to both the environment and the occupant satisfaction. It will also impact the long-term value of the individual projects and help to give priority to sustainable techniques to utilize our planet’s resources.

Projections for the future

The green building materials market is expected to be more than $254 billion in 2020, according to Navigant Research and by 2024, it is projected that the market will reach $433 billion.