The role of digital and data in achieving net-zero (Part 1)

Our latest blog this week is going to be in two parts. This week will cover a brief overview of the role of digital and data in achieving Net Zero and next week will be an example of this in practice.   

Digital technology and the smart use of data will play a crucial role in enabling the UK to hit the government’s net-zero targets by 2050, as we cannot progress without the support of Smart Technology.¬†Customer interest and expectations for digital technology that enables visibility over energy efficiency are only increasing.¬†

What’s more, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of building efficiency from both an environmental and economical perspective and this is shown through the statistics:  

  • A smarter building is more likely to attract interest from buyers than one that is inefficient.  
  • Almost three-quarters (72%) of consumers want to live in homes with systems that make their tasks and lives easier.  
  • Household penetration of smart tech in the UK is expected to hit 63% by 2025, 
  • Half of multiple device owners are interested in purchasing a smart hub to control help control their homes. 

To get digitally to Net Zero, the government first of all needs to: 

  • Join up its digital and environmental strategies across areas like transport, buildings and energy. 
  • Place decarbonisation at their heart using digital tech to help. 
  • Invest in data and systems infrastructure to facilitate a green economy. 
  • Make it easier to lower the country’s carbon footprint. 
  • Find ways to encourage the wider population to support the transition.  
  • This includes engaging different groups constructively. 
  • Addressing privacy and security issues. 

More and more, we are seeing how a focus on environmentally efficient design through digital technology and how this contributes directly to longer business growth and greater savings. Digital technology, and the appropriate use and interpretation of data, have an important role to play in helping the UK hit its net-zero goals, despite the daunting amount of work it will take. It is achievable with increased understanding and application of the technological capabilities at our disposal.