How Scotland is leading the way in green skills training in 2021

Scotland is leading the way in green skills training through its Passivhaus initiatives and construction training for professionals.  Scotland has some of the most ambitious climate targets in the world including the net-zero target for 2045 and by 2030, ministers want renewable energy generation to account for 50% of energy demand across electricity, heat and transport. This is shown through the stats that in 2019 Scotland met 90.1% of its equivalent electricity consumption from renewables, according to Scottish Government figures. A few examples of how Scotland is leading the way in green skills training in 2021 are shown below: 

Scottish Enterprise to make £4m available for green jobs  

Building on a recent £140m commitment and operating alongside other initiatives like the Low Carbon Challenge Fund, Scottish Enterprise’s Package is a £4 million grant funding call that will be open to applications on Tuesday 18th May. With grants from £50,000 up to a maximum of £500,000 being awarded on a competitive basis, it is part of a £27m package of green funding that Scottish Enterprise will distribute to businesses operating in Scotland over the next three years.  

The package underscores the agency’s contribution to supporting Scotland’s green economic recovery and it will also support both the economic recovery and stimulate the creation of new green jobs to advance Scotland’s net-zero emission ambitions. 

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Construction Scotland Innovation Centre launches Passivhaus training  

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre has launched a new initiative to train professionals in the construction sector in Passivhaus standards. Providing funded training opportunities with support from the Scottish Funding Council, it is aiming to provide up to 500 participants with the foundations for formal accreditation. With the overall goal of helping Scotland to reach its net-zero emission targets, the scheme aims to promote the wider adoption of environmentally friendly construction and reduce the carbon footprint of the sector. 

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Warmer Homes Scotland have supported over 130 apprenticeships and almost 2,000 training opportunities across the industry over the last five years.

Warmstart launches a new initiative to build green skills in Scotland  

A new initiative has been launched to build green skills for the future; Warmstart is a platform for young people who are seeking long-term employment and training opportunities in the energy efficiency and renewable technology industry. Launched by Warmworks Scotland, it will aim to create 15 opportunities for young people as well as providing bespoke support to young people to strengthen their career prospects. 
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Scotland’s Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre hails £11 million commitment to future green skills 

Scotland’s Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) which is based in Glasgow, has awarded 15 new grants, marking a commitment of more than £11 million to future green skills.  Since the facility’s inception in 2014, its goal was to stimulate growth of the industrial biotechnology sector in Scotland and Ian Archer, technical director at IBioIC, said: 

 “The industrial biotechnology community is growing at pace alongside the UK-wide drive for sustainability, and our collaborative training partnerships rightly aim to bring together industry and academia to support commercial development. 

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The national plan for industrial biotechnology set a £900m turnover target to be achieved by 2025 in Scotland.

According to a report by Construction Industry Training Board published in March this year, the construction industry will require the equivalent of 22,500 new roles to be created by 2028 to ensure the Scottish Government’s commitment to achieving Net Zero. This means that it is vital Scotland continues to lead the way both en route to the COP26 conference and beyond to 2050.