Building Book Maintenance

Created for maintenance contactors to seamlessly tie in with customers using Building Book to manage their Buildings.

Building Book Maintenance was designed as a solution for BMS companies & Maintenance contractors.

How does it work?

For Contractors

Building Book maintenance allows contractors to add new assets, update service history and schedule call outs with their customers directly from their online portal.

Maintenance logs are updated in real time on the Building Book user’s application. This allows users to instantly validate maintenance work carried out on their Buildings.

Adding users

Building Book Maintenance provides these users with an online portal where users can log-in from anywhere in the world to access and edit their client's Building Book and mainly their building hierarchy.

Maintenance users can add as many users as they like to their account allowing engineers to login with their own accounts and can easily update service history from their phone, tablet or laptop, as maintenance is carried out.

Who is Building Book Maintenance for?

If you're interested in finding out more about using Building Book Maintenance to improve both your, and your customer's experience, contact us via our contact page or email us at to arrange a demo with one of our experts.