Building Book

Building Book is our most powerful piece of software to date.

Building Book was developed to make analysis of energy data easy, and is capable of analysing years of building energy data in seconds.

Building Book presents users with a clean, straightforward dashboard that lets you quickly drill down into complex energy consumption data, and can easily understand how buildings are utilising energy throughout the weeks, days and hours.

Users can even configure alerts to quickly identify any areas of concern due to excessive consumption

Building Book
Building Book by Allander Analytics

How does it work?

Building Book can be used to analyse a wide variety of buildings or estates. Whether you’re responsible for a single building, a large estate, or even multiple estates, Building Book can help you analyse your data as quickly and simply as possible.

Building Book helps the user understand how different regions or building types are comparing against one another. Users can submit energy tariff data to compare real-world costs and even make use of our invoice validation software to ensure you’re not being overcharged due to inaccurate energy estimates by suppliers.

Our intelligent reporting software even allows users to produce tailored reports that can be easily customised to suit the requirements of our user’s specifications.

Our team at Allander Analytics can even work directly with your organisation to integrate specific reports designs exclusive to you. This, along with your company’s brand standards in mind means the exact information you require can be easily retrieved, allowing these reports to be produced flawlessly every time and at the click of a button.

What type of buildings can Building Book process?

small buildings

such as an single story office or business unit.

large buildings

such as schools, universities or hospitals

large estates

consisting of multiple building of any type. All you need to get started is some records of energy consumption, ideally AMRs.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface of what is possible. There are many ways it could help benefit your company in terms of energy saving for large buildings and estates and if your company fits into any of these categories, then Building Book could be right for you. Contact us to arrange a demo or find out more.