About Allander Analytics

About us

Established in 2017, Allander Analytics is driven by an unwavering mission: to unravel the intricacies of building operations in order to optimise energy consumption. Since our inception, we have been resolutely committed to understanding and enhancing energy efficiency at its core.

Allander Analytics is a fully owned subsidiary of Kelvin Control Engineers Ltd. Allander Analytics acts as a sales channel for our parent company's Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, operating on behalf of the parent entity. The SaaS application software, along with all associated intellectual property rights, including proprietary technology, patents, and trademarks, are owned solely by the parent company Kelvin Control Engineers Ltd. The subsidiary is authorised to sell and distribute these SaaS solutions under Kelvin Control Engineers Ltd brand and direction.

Our journey has been characterised by a dedicated focus on designing and developing bespoke software solutions. These solutions are meticulously crafted, leveraging the latest advancements in modern software frameworks while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we actively seek and integrate feedback from well-established energy managers, ensuring that our tools seamlessly align with the practical needs of the industry.

Central to our endeavor is the creation of dynamic and adaptable solutions. Our software possesses a unique capability: the effective reverse engineering of complex building functions. This empowers energy managers with invaluable insights, significantly simplifying their responsibilities and bolstering their efficacy.

Through the fusion of expertise and cutting-edge technology, we have redefined the landscape of energy management. We have seamlessly bridged the gap between sophisticated analysis and real-world application. Consequently, our solutions not only drive tangible energy savings but also herald a new era of streamlined energy management processes.

Allander Analytics stands as a beacon of innovation, steadfastly committed to reshaping the future of sustainable energy consumption. Our legacy is one of transformative solutions, paving the way for a more energy-efficient tomorrow.