Alarm Monitoring


BuildingBook employs alerts to enhance building management by providing timely and critical notifications. These alerts are triggered based on predefined criteria, such as energy and gas dropouts, passing higher and lower limits or schedule changes. When specific events or conditions occur, the system generates automatic notifications to relevant stakeholders, ensuring they stay informed and can take necessary actions promptly. The alerts in BuildingBook help project teams to proactively address potential issues, such as component failures, cost savings, before they escalate. This early warning system enables effective risk mitigation and decision-making, leading to better project outcomes. Users can customise the types and thresholds of alerts they receive, tailoring them to their specific roles and responsibilities. This flexibility ensures that team members are only notified about the information that is relevant to their tasks, streamlining communication and reducing information overload. By utilising alerts, BuildingBook contributes to improved collaboration, increased efficiency, and better project control, insuring saving cost a building optimisation.